About GOAL


The History of the GOAL Center

In 2014, Achieving the Dream announced the selection of Danville Community College (DCC) for the national community college expansion of the Working Families Success Network (WFSN) strategy. This WFSN initiative is grounded in the belief that achieving a post-secondary credential is the best way to end intergenerational poverty and, thus, the ultimate goal of the community college expansion is to make it easier for low-income students to balance work, family, and education/professional aspirations. The expansion focuses on systems change through college culture and operations in order to support student success and ultimately family economic success. Colleges will do this by building upon and integrating the WFSN strategy into existing student-success efforts and workforce focused innovations and best practices.

This effort is supported with funding from the Annie E. Casey Foundation, Bank of America Charitable Foundation, Lumina Foundation, MetLife Foundation, and the W.K. Kellogg Foundation.

The community college expansion of the WFSN strategy seeks to demonstrate that embedding the WFSN strategy in college culture and systems can be cost effective and has the potential to bring about institutional change that leads to significant improvement in outcomes for low income students. The long term goal is to change the way community colleges operate so that low income students routinely and systematically receive the services that evidence suggests make a difference in whether a student thrives or languishes.

After receiving news that DCC was chosen to be one of the 16 colleges across the nation for the expansion, plans were made to implement the WFSN strategy on campus to help more low-income students and their families achieve their academic and financial goals. From this initial plan, the Greater Opportunities for Achievements in Learning (GOAL) Center has been developed. The GOAL Center provides a coordinated set of services that give low-income individuals and families facing certain barriers the opportunity to complete their certificate or degree. The following key services are bundled together and made more accessible to individuals and families needing assistance.

Three Core Service Areas:  

  1. Education and employment advancement — education, job readiness, job training, and career placement;
  2. Income and work supports — access to student financial aid, public benefits, tax credits, and free tax assistance; and
  3. Financial services and asset building — financial education and coaching linked to affordable products and services to help families build self-sufficiency, stabilize their finances, and become more economically competitive.



Services Offered at the GOAL Center


Career Planning & Resume Assistance
Explore career options, take assessments, create an outstanding resume, practice for interviews, search local jobs and internships, and develop career connections with our career planning services.

Public Benefits Awareness, Information & Application Assistance
Get informed about public benefits and learn if you qualify for assistance. Work with a coach to understand and apply for needed financial subsidies to help ease the stress of college finances.


Financial Coaching & Financial Literacy
Learn to budget wisely, save more money, build your credit, pay off debt, become financially stable and more with one-on-one financial coaching  sessions, seminars from financial experts, and educational workshop opportunities.


Contact your Student Success Coach at 434-797-8536 to schedule a GOAL Center service, or complete the form below to learn more:



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