Wisdom Wednesday: 8 Instagrammers to Follow for Top-Notch Career Advice

When it comes to Instagram, you probably follow your best friend, your sister, and your best friend’s sister… But as you’re scrolling through your feed, who do you look to for awesome inspiration, beautiful images, and reliable career advice you can actually relate to? We’ve gathered some of our favorite Instagrammers who are always making our feeds better and brighter, so you can get double-tappin’ ASAP.


This online platform and creative conference caters to all female entrepreneurs that are working and growing in the digital space. Their fun and colorful feed is full of great quotes, office outfit ideas, and a handful of successful women. Plus, CreateCultivate featured one of my absolute favorite inspiration illustrations that reminds you to always work hard and be gracious.


What I love about HerAgenda is that you’re not just seeing the same five quotes you always find all over Pinterest. Here, you’re getting fresh advice and bold images, so you’ll never miss them as you’re scrolling through.


We always hear about how we need to #LeanIn to our careers, but that doesn’t mean we don’t also need daily reminders of what happens when we do! Lean In’s powerful Instagram features and celebrates incredible individuals who’ve really made a difference. Learn from their journeys and their words as you’re navigating your own career.


This design company located in the heart of Missouri not only has quirky and cohesive photos, but it also delivers some solid career advice. Wondering what three things may be ruining your brand? Looking for new ways to dress for success? You must check out this marketing and branding hub.


Sometimes the best advice just comes from downright beautiful inspiration. Looking at TheBrandGals feed, you’re immediately transported into a world where creativity is endless, ideas are clean and thought out, and your desk always looks perfect.


If you’re looking for quick and simple tips on how to make your LinkedIn profile noticed by employers (have a photo and list your skills), all accompanied by pops of motivation, look no further than the LinkedIn insta.

Business Insider

While it’s a lot more than just career advice, Business Insider offers some useful, easy-to-read tips on powering through a workday on no sleep, how not to be a bad speaker, and how to pay off your debt. All that just by scrolling through my feed? I’ll take it.


Last but not least, I have to give a shoutout to the ultimate source for social media career advice: the one and only, Levo. Levo’s wonderfully curated feed is full of Power Outfits, interactive career polls, and awesome individuals!

Author: Madison Feller


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